Hospital CEO Quote

"There are many words to describe my experience in Dr. Kaissi's Executive Leadership Coaching, but I constantly go back to the word dependable. Dependable as in Dr. Kaissi always makes it a point to set up our next session and coordinate both calendars. Dependable as in I always know that he will hold me accountable from our previous discussions. Dependable as in I know I can trust Dr. Kaissi and be completely vulnerable and honest. Dr. Kaissi is a testament to all educators. He is a true coach, teacher, mentor, and servant who continuously watches out for your best interest. Dr. Kaissi continues to guide me through challenging discussions that have better my professional development. I have seen improvement in my operational responsibilities as well. I move forward in my career knowing that I am better than when I started Dr. Kaissi's Executive Leadership sessions and I know that I can continue to depend on Dr. Kaissi for support and guidance. I highly recommend Dr. Kaissi as an Executive Coach if you're looking for a caring, strategic thinker to help better yourself and your career."  - CEO, Hospital

Vice President, Hospital

"Executive coaching with Dr. Kaissi provided dedicated focus on my professional development. As with many leadership roles, the pressure to address the urgent often takes precedence over the important more than it should. Dr. Kaissi provided the guidance to evaluate and prioritize my current work load, allowing me to align my actions with my overall goals. Through his thoughtful coaching and support, I have experienced greater success in balancing my operational responsibilities with my longer term strategic goals."  - Vice President, Hospital

Pharmacy Manager, Health System

"An Executive Coach. At first I had no idea this existed. Looking back, it was fortuitous to have kept in touch with Dr. Amer Kaissi. As the old adage goes, “you don’t know what you don’t know”. I had no idea what having an executive coach would entail and little did I know Dr. Kaissi would accept the challenge. From the beginning, it was undeniable he had a genuine desire to learn and invest his time and energy to develop a relationship of mutual trust and respect. His unique ability to ascertain personal and professional strengths that I was independently unable to recognize was invaluable as a first-time manager. Faced with a steep learning curve, his coaching methods were instrumental in steering me through uncharted paths and assisted in creating new paths along the way. Over the past year, he has offered sincere and tactful guidance with a compassionate yet no-nonsense approach to nurture self-reflection, perspective, and a gentle reminder of where to focus. Dr. Kaissi continues to provide individually customized and honest feedback in a caring manner with his mentee’s best interest at heart. I have the utmost respect for Dr. Kaissi on many levels: professor, author, coach, mentor with a kind, humble, funny and inspiring soul." - Pharmacy Manager, Health System

Director of Quality, Large Health System

“Dr. Kaissi’s Executive Leadership coaching was fantastic, really. I cannot say enough about how well it was tailored to my needs and the needs of the healthcare industry. I have been using other products/courses with varying degrees of satisfaction, but this was by far the best use of time compared to all of the courses. Thank you for a great guidance tool."   - Director of Quality, Large Health System

Assistant Director, Large Health System

"I had a positive experience working with Dr. Kaissi. His approach is thoughtful, engaging and action oriented. He provided me tools that helped me productively self- reflect and I was able to evaluate my current state, define my ideal future state and determine the actions needed to get to where I want to be professionally. With Dr. Kaissi’s guidance, I feel like I have back the control I need for my own career."  - Assistant Director, Large Health System

Director, System Integration and Innovation, Large Health System

"I want to thank you for your executive coaching over the last few months.  As an emerging leader, it’s important to keep investing in our leadership knowledge and abilities.  But all too often, the stress and demands of our work put us in a position of “not being able to see the forest for the trees”.  Your executive coaching provided valuable insight on how to inspire and influence change within my organization" - Director, System Integration and Innovation, Large Health System

System Planning Analyst, Large Health System

“Dr. Kaissi's Executive Leadership Coaching has been invaluable while navigating the early stages of my career. He has skillfully guided me through self-reflection, realization of my professional needs and aspirations, how to position myself for advancement opportunities, how to transition from one role to another, and how to demonstrate leadership in a non-managerial role. One of Dr. Kaissi's many coaching strengths is his ability to mold each session to my current situation at work, resulting in takeaways that are relevant, actionable, and effective. I highly recommend Dr. Kaissi's Executive Leadership Coaching to anyone who would like to explore the benefits of professional development with a coach who is not only an expert in health care and leadership, but also a thoughtful, sincere individual who will truly care about your success." - System Planning Analyst, Large Health System