Asa Wilson

“When I became the CEO of a hospital that had not conducted strategic planning sessions or held regular follow-up reviews, I soon discovered a number of problematic operating weaknesses. In the process of thinking through a way to strengthen the organization, I read Dr. Kaissi’s research on the relationship between strategic planning and positive financial performance. On my recommendation, the Board of Directors engaged Dr. Kaissi to facilitate a strategic planning retreat. His engaging, organized, encouraging style was well received such that he continues to work with the Board. From my perspective, Dr. Kaissi’s involvement with the Board enabled me to implement strategic initiatives leading to desired growth goals, building expansion, and operating outcomes for the facility and its service-area patients.” - Asa B. Wilson, PhD, Central Michigan University, Previous Chief Executive Officer at Jackson County Hospital, Edna, Texas        

Bill Jones

“When Dr. Kaissi first conducted strategic planning with my board, there was much confusion over director responsibilities. Some were “down in the weeds” of day-to-day operations and personnel management, causing undue conflict among, board, administration and staff. One strikingly helpful piece of advice from Dr. Kaissi to the board was “keep your arms around the organization and your fingers out.”  My board members remember that line better than the mission statement and the result has been improved relationships and a delineation of governance and operations. I highly recommend Dr. Kaissi to any organization seeking a clarification of vision and organization of strategic goals.” - Mr. Bill Jones, Administrator/CEO, Jackson County Hospital District