Dr. Amer Kaissi, in his book “Intangibles: The Unexpected Traits of High-Performing Healthcare Leaders,” has uniquely consolidated results from research data from multiple studies and interviews to provide all who read this book the opportunity to a refreshing level of learning. For students, young careerists and seasoned veterans, Intangibles is an important read - not once, but many times.
— Douglas D. Hawthorne, LFACHE, Founding Chief Executive Officer Emeritus, Texas Health Resources

Intangibles: The Unexpected Traits of High-Performing Healthcare Leaders (2017)

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This book is an exploration of what the great minds, philosophies, research, and healthcare executives have to say about the role of intangibles such as humility, compassion, kindness and generosity in healthcare leadership. At the heart of the book is a simple question: Can leaders embody these intangibles and be successful at the same time? As I explore this question, I address other questions: With all the changes happening in the healthcare industry, can leaders balance humility, compassion, kindness and generosity with having a strong personality and getting good outcomes? Are leaders that possess these intangible traits better at inspiring others and guiding their organizations towards success? How do men and women differ in their perceptions of these traits? Are there generational differences in how leadership is perceived? And finally, are these traits born with leaders, or can they be learned through training and practice? The evidence is conclusive that these intangible traits, when coupled with ambition, strong-will, competence and accountability, can lead to long-term individual and organizational success.  



Flipping Health Care through Retail Clinics and Convenient Care Models (2014)

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Over time, a country’s healthcare system typically undergoes a number of developments as new demands emerge from the public and new legislation is passed from the government. These systems are composed of a number of interconnected parts, each one vital to the overall success of the system. "Flipping Health Care through Retail Clinics and Convenient Care Models" addresses the present state of the health system by focusing on current trends and future developments that could assist in delivering accessible and cost-effective medical care to the general public, such as retail clinics, urgent care centers, workplace clinics, online clinics and house calls services, among others. Bringing together components of the present and future, this publication serves as an essential tool for students and researchers who want to develop a thorough understanding of the changing scope of the health industry in the public sphere. To order your copy, please visit Amazon or IGI Global